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AMK F-14D Super Tomcat  1:48
Nicely detailed NASES ejection seats with photo-etched crew restraints
Beautifully detailed cockpits with sharp detail relief
Positionable boarding ladder
Positionable canopy
F110 engines have detailed compressor faces and afterburner chambers, no details on the engine sides where they won't be seen
Choice of open or closed F110 engine nozzles
Detailed intake trunks from inlet to compressor face
Detailed landing gear and wheel wells
Choice of nose gear strut - normal or kneeling
Positionable leading edge flaps with swept-forward option
Positionable trailing edge flaps with swept-forward option
Wings can be posed swept full-forward, full aft (not oversweep), or parked (oversweep)
Positionable stabilators
Positionable speed brakes
Positionable air refueling probe
Positionable tail hook

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AMK 88007 


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€ 62,50
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